How to connect two M+

Hello everyone I use two emlid modules M + one for the base one for the rover. Has anyone used it for Cere and through which you have corrected the signal, have you used RTKNavi program and if you have any recording to help. Thanks in advance

I’ve used mine as static and also using our state RTN (ntrip). Works fine. I usually PP all static lines with Javad Justin software. I’m not familiar with “Cere”

Hi @bokacuc,

Looks like we’ve chatted via email on the same topic :wink:

Just for the record: Reach M+ can output its position in NMEA and other formats directly to 3rd-party apps via Bluetooth, TCP, or Serial. I’d suggest checking if you can integrate Reach with Cerea this way. Can’t say much about RTKNavi, but let’s see if someone else can share their experience!

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Yes, we discussed via e-mail :wink: I hope that someone else will call to share their experiences, until then I will try, so I will report if I succeed :). I read on the Cerea forum that Emlid’s Reach module contains Neo M8T and rtklib, and that some have managed to configure it with Cerea software via DEV

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