Zooming in more

Do we have a thread in here of things we would like the next update to do?
If we do can you add this to the list?
I want to be able to zoom in more on the app.
Often I will have multiple points near by each other. If I want to go and select the point it can be very hard, if not impossible when other points are nearby.
I am aware that you can get a list up of all the points you have picked up for the day. But unless you have got all the points in order, it can be annoying flicking through each point on the list looking for the one in particular you need.
If however, you could zoom in more, then it would make it easier to just select it on the map view.


Hi @Ben_Minutoli,

Thank you for sharing your feedback! I understand that choosing a point when they are really close together might be tricky. I will add yours as +1 on our feature request.

We don’t have it on our roadmap for now, so I can’t give any ETA. We’ll get back to you if we have any updates about this.


Hello Merryna,

If you haven’t already, could you also add me as a +1…and +6 for the others that so far also quickly spang up with likes as a good indication this would be very desirable!



Hi Wombo,

I added yours as +1. Thank you for the feedback!

Currently, we can’t count likes as +1 since, for feature requests, sometimes we need to ask more about the workflow or contact back when we have any news about it.

Should have a request page you go to where people add features they need and can all vote on continuously that stays live to prioritize the customers’ needs in addition to what the company wants and needs to do. Then we can see the priority and progress also instead of keep asking.

Autodesk and other companies did this for software… may still do, but it was very helpful.


Hi Tim,

We understand that a dashboard facilitating the addition of your own requests and allowing public voting would be helpful. Thank you, we’ve noted your feedback.