Zerotier gcs issue

zerotier issue

navio2 & rpi3b+

All preflight mandatory settings are done under same wifi connection through Mission Planner and it seems to work flawlessly under same wifi connection without zerotier in action.

But, when connecting through zerotier I am having parameter issue in both circumstances

  1. smartphone GCS lte & home wifi FC
  2. home pc GCS & home wifi FC (under this connection profile, all went fine)

My ultimate goal is using smartphone lte GCS and FC with LTE dongle

Data streaming from FC to GCS seems fine.

Somehow… any requests from GCS doesn’t seem to talk with FC

I can see prearm status in GCS

IMU and compass data is keep changing

When I try to arm vehicle it doesnt work

GCS is giving me parameter notice like below

I am an amateur trying very hard to make 4g telemetry happen.

Please help…

Hi @joonyoung86,

I’m afraid we’ve never tested your setup with ZeroTier software so I hardly can provide you with any certain recommendations on this question.

As far as I understand it works as expected on your laptop GCS. This makes me think that the reason for this issue is within the restrictions of the phone OS.

Hope there will be somebody from our users who has such an experience with ZeroTier.

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