ZED-F9P firmware update - WAAS

Is there any plan to take advantage of the additional corrections that the new 1.13 firmware provides? Sub-meter standalone accuracy would be great, especially for average single base positions. Ardusimple made a post about it.

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for the suggestion!

At the moment, we don’t have plans on having WAAS support as it has limitations and doesn’t provide sufficient accuracy.

I understand that there are limitations to anything, but doesn’t it at least improve accuracy? Can you share any test results of WAAS not providing sufficient accuracy?

Hi Nathan,

Sorry if I was not clear enough. When talking about sufficient accuracy, I meant sufficient accuracy for survey applications.

At the moment, we’re mostly focusing on delivering the RTK centimeter-level accuracy for our receivers.

Still, your feature request is noted and I’ve passed it to our team. We may consider having some tests later on to access how it performs.

I understand; I figured it would be useful for those people doing “relative” surveys where precision is important, but global accuracy is whatever it is (just based on the “single” observation time of the base). Under the logic of keeping the “average single” base station position, I would think WAAS would be a huge improvement.


+1 for WAAS.
In many cases for example GIS collection, centimeter accuracy is not needed or wanted, however “single” doesn’t give much confidence. A WAAS solution would be perfect for quickly picking up many features. It would definitely add usability in my applications, and if it is easy to implement (it seems that most of the work has been done by ublox in this case) then please enable it!

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