Yuneec H520 M+ Build

I have all the components except for the Tallysman antenna which apparently got lost in the mail, but I did get my base plane material… So close! And a few random pics from yesterday.


Base planes done! Anybody need one?

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Almost done with the module configuration. Now to figure out the best mounting system without destroying the top cover. I think I made the base planes a little too big so I might cut them into a hexagonal shape. Any thoughts?

Oh, and if you’re wondering the black part on the bottom is a lipo battery that came with my wife’s purse, lol. It’s actually pretty fortunate the way it is configured. It has a small plug and a short extension cable that I can plug right into the M+. Correct voltage and twice the capacity of the battery I’m using on my Phantom.

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Well, here we are ready to fly. Too windy today too though.

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This is similar to the battery/mounting board… 2500mAh vs the 350 I have on the P4P PPK. There are 5000 out there as well which may be ok fo surveying. They charge with a standard micro-USB.

How are you capturing the shutter from this drone?

There is an internal LED or we can tie into the circuitry itself. This is much easier to do on the Yuneec vs. a P4P. Just for testing I will be using the full GPX track and aligning by doing a specific check shot and then aligning it with the track in Geosetter.

Measurements and placement of the Emlid antenna will be made for the distance of the antenna versus the drones native GPS both horizontally and vertically to account for delay and essentially making the position the same as the native GPS.

At the end of the day the majority of this does not matter because I use GCP’s. The augmented GPS is just to make the geotags more relatively accurate. I don’t think I can share what Yuneec has done at this point, but they have or will have a solution.

I went this route because I already have the same equipment on a Phantom 4 Pro which works great so ultimately I can have a backup, then thought it would be interesting to see how it would work on a Yuneec.

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