Your views on Rs2 for surveying with RV

I am planning on undertaking some basic surveys, control point establishment, topographical survey, and area surveys. I am planning on buying one but just contemplating between the RS2 vs Trimble GNSS.

What are you experience in using the RS2 for surveying? is it fast enough and manageable?

I have used one with a Trimble Ag Monitor (FMX) to do boundary and interior of a field and it worked fine. I was connected to the Ohio CORS network for RTK corrections.

Not sure what you mean fast enough/manageable.



I’ve been working in the surveying industry for almost 40 years now. Emlid products offer the best value for the money and they’re excellent quality.

The Emlid RS2s are a bargain at $5,000 each, but they’re priced at less than half that… (they’re only $2,199 as of July '21). Emlid offers the best value of ANY commercial, survey grade GPS around!!!

They’re high quality, they work great, and they have excellent support.

Honestly, after owning 2 RS2s for about a year and half, they’ve already paid for themselves many times over. - I just completed a very difficult, mountainous terrain survey by myself and my (2) RS2s in an afternoon. Fast and easy. Emlid GPS units are fast and precise.

With a Base RS2 (on a control point and LORA enabled) and a Rover RS2 for setting points (or collecting data), each and every point I set was locked on as soon as the range pole was plumb, with sub-centimeter accuracy over a distance of about 3/4 mile in wooded, mountain terrain.

I was able to drive from Point to Point in my RV with the Rover RS2 sticking out the rear window, and I never lost lock from the Base RS2. My suggestion is to buy 2 RS2s, set up one (the Base) on a control point, and use the 2nd RS2 as a rover. If you’re going to mount the RS2 on your RV permanently, be sure to invest in a proper, vibration isolating mount.

If anyone is sitting “on the fence”, and trying to decide if they should buy Emlid or not, my recommendation is buy at least 2 RS2s now.

Emlid is a great company, they make excellent products, and they are one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

P.S. My son’s 25 person Engineering & Surveying firm owns multiple $20,000+ GPS units, and they recently bought a couple of Emlid RS2s, which have become their “GOTO” GPS receivers for surveying.


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