Y6B drone YAW problem. Yaw left - goes down and contra

Hi guys!

Have built Y6 1.3m on Navio2 and RPi3, ArduCopter 3.4.
In stabilize mode it flies more then awesome in any direction except yaw control. When I push yaw left - drone turns and goes down a bit. When yaw right - goes up.

All the props are from one order 9" (35% hover throttle), all ESCs are well calibrated. No yaw mixing on the RC.

Tried to tune PIDs for yaw, not precise, but it doesn’t help a lot.
Gonna try AltHold tomorrow outside and will report here.

Would appreciate any ideas.

Hi Andrey,

ArduCopter 3.4rc2 will be available for update in a few days. It has some fixes related to yaw control, so might be a good idea to try it.

Thanks, Igor! Great news. However, many ppl reported that their Y6 drones fly well without the problem with yawing.
I am currently running latest ArduCopter-navio2-y6 3.4-dev ALF. Will be waiting for the RC2.

You made autotune to Y6.
I spend many times and solve it with autotune.

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Which APM firmware have you tested for autotune?


Ppl say that ArduCopter 3.3 is excellent for Y6 w/o yaw issues. In the stable repo I cannot find Navio2 compilations, only Navio is available, which doesn’t work on Navio2 for me. Can I compile or find 3.3.3 stable version for my Navio2?

Also here http://firmware.ardupilot.org/Copter/latest/navio2-y6/ I see files “ArduCopter.elf” and “arducopter-y6” uploaded today morning. Should I use the second one and how?


@Andrey_Musinov Navio2 support was introduced after the 3.3 release, so there’s no 3.3 version for Navio2.
Latest is the binary from the master branch, usually it’s not recommended to fly master, but it may worth a try.

Dear Mike,
thanks for the reply.

Posted an issue on developers’ GitHub and hope they will pay attention to this problem for the next release as I am designing another one Y6. Ppl who use Naza’s controllers never had this issue.
Don’t want to make a firmware from sources, not my level in Linux.
Thank you. Cheers!

No ship 3.3 to y6.
But there are 3.4 to y6 ?.
Thank you

yeah, Juan,
i’ve read a lot about Y6 and 3.4 build. The developers claim that I need to try autotune as PID controller has been revised. I am going to try it tomorrow.