Y6 Copter build

Hello everyone.

I wan to convert this Hobbyking h600 to a y6 and need some advice on FC placement.

The distance from the middle of the front motor to the middle of the rear motor 72 cm. Am I assuming correctly half way between that would be the center of thrust and that this is where the FC need to be placed, or do i need to place the FC as close to the CoG as possible?

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Since you have 2/3 (4 of 6 motors) of the thrust at the front and 1/3 (2 of 6 motors) at the back, FC, CoG and CoT should be 1/3 of the motor distance behind the front motors.
72cm / 3 = 24cm

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Thank you Sebastian.

I also got the following advice. "measure equal distance from each motor and mount FC where equal distance meet?

What do you think?

It is no question of what I think. It is physics/mechanics. You want a system with equal distribution of forces, so there are no moments causing the system to rotate. You only have to look at the pitch axis, because your copter is symmetric to the roll axis. Your copter can lift twice as much at the front (4 motors) than at the rear (2 motors), so to make the system balance you need to put more weight to the front of the copter. And this means the CoG/FC should be at 1/3 (2/6) aft from a line between the front motors.
The CoT will be at this point, you have to make sure to put the CoG and the FC in the same spot. Otherwise (CoG != CoT) the copter will have a tendency to pitch up/down while ascending/descending. Placing the FC away from the CoG in any direction will cause the accelerometers to read pitch/roll movements as up/down movements, causing problems in all flightmodes requiring alt hold.
The distance between the front motors is irrelevant for this problem.

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