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I’m a new Reach RS user, new to GPS measurements, and am really happy with my experience so far. Our application is to use the Reach RS equipment (one rover, one base station) to measure ground control points. I used two kinds of GNSS models; the first one is Emlid Reach and the second is Leica GNSS for measuring same points in order to evaluate the differences between them.
It appears as though the data exported from Leica is in X, Y, and Z, (177118.941, 34727.625, 94.168) while from Emlid Reach is latitude, longitude, elevation (50.170580138, -5.122616299, 149.7161) for the same point. I wan t to assess the differences in positions between Leica and Emlid Reach. Thereby, my question is how can I convert the coordinate of Emlid Reach to X, Y, Z (just like leica GNSS), so I can determine the differences in observing the same position.

I tried to change that from the setting to get X, Y, Z coordinates, but Emlid Reach still provides latitude, longitude, and elevation.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


Hi @Sainsburys,

There’re 2 ways you can get the position in XYZ:

  1. Configure Reach to log the position in XYZ. This log will contain RTK solution in XYZ.
  2. Output the position in XYZ format to any external software.

Thanks so much for replying, I already done that before but it does not work,
when I configured reach to log the position in XYZ, the receiver still providing latitude, longitude elevation.
Also, when I setting up the output position in RTKLIB app in XYZ format,
after post-processing, the software provides coordinates which are totally different from the one I have from Leica GNSS (I observed the same points once in Emlid Reach and once in Leica, so I suppose to receive same/similar data).

I think the coordinates you see in the Leica are UTM. ECEF XYZ would have a much higher height (because of its reference to the center of the earth).

You can do it in any GIS software. Just put the points in QGIS or ArcGIS and reproject both datasets in the same coordinate system - either both in WGS84 or both in UTM.

I already done that, but after reprojected in Arc Catalog, both datasets match with each other (Dataset from Leica has identical dataset with Emlid Reach, so the differences is 0) and I do not want that! because my aim is to determine the differences between these two datasets,

Can you provide the datasets?

Yes, I can, but to make it faster I just started with/provided the first point of the dataset, which is:
Emlid Reach (Lat 50.170580138, Long -5.122616299, H 149.7161) ~= Leica (E177118.941, N34727.625, H94.168).

The data from Leica matched successfully with the satellite Image that I provided from digimap.edina. However, the data from Emlid is out the topographic layer.
This is why I am trying to convert Emlid reach data to Leica data, but not vice versa, so it will be easier for me to visualise it in ArcGIS.

Which CRS is configured on Leica?

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Similar, but when using YXZ do you account for EPSG transformations and scale factors?

@jurijs.jeshkins OSGB36 is the CRS configured on Leica

@chascoadmin No, I have not account for EPSG transformations and scale factors. Would you please explain to me how I do that?

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