Xenomai latency test on RPI2

Hi Emlid team,

I finally completed the linux kernel xenomai ipipe patch for the raspberryPie2 and was able to run some latency test: min 7.705, max 16.605
with an average of 9.129.
I am going to look into running the cyclic test to see how does it compare with the numbers showing with emlid RT patch.

Will keep you posted,

This was not under load so this is not really good number for now.

from the Emlid doc:
sudo cyclictest -l1000000 -m -n -a0 -t1 -p99 -i400 -h400 -q
PREEMPT #Min: 00013uS #Avg: 00021uS #Max: 0307uS
PREEMPT_RT #Min: 00011uS #Avg: 00018uS #Max: 0058uS

What kind of load was running on the RPI2 for this test?

i want to install xenomai on rpi2 and i don’t know how … can you help me …

The are instructions on xenomai website.
kernel and xenomai have to be recompiled from scratch: