XBOX One Controller Throttle RC Tuning Minimum Value

I am trying to use XBOX One Controller as my “joystick” in Mission Planner.

All controls map correctly except Throttle. No matter what controls I map from the XBOX One Controller to the Throttles and perform a calibration, the range is always ~1800 to ~1900.

Even when I map same control to Pitch and Throttle, the Pitch calibration lower calibration limit is ~1100 yet for Throttle it is ~1800.

The result is that I am unable to ARM since the throttle are deemed too high.

Any ideas on how I can resolve this?

Here is what the calibration looks when I have mapped throttle and pitch to the same control (right front/back joystick) …


Hi Vic,

Have you tried to change FS_THR_VALUE to 1100 in Mission Planner?

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