Xbee on OTG usb

Hey fellaws !

I bought a reach kit for my job in order to make an autonomous boat.

I know ,I already read the other topic about that, but here is my problem.

On the rover Reach, i plug an Xbee Pro (805MHz) with an usb dongle using the OTG cable.
I switch on my Reach and go to the IP.
I can’t select USB on serial input correction because it doesn’t appear. :sob:

When I plug a 3DR Radio (433MHz) on the OTG cable, the Reach don’t have any problems to find it and so i can select USB for input correction .:flushed:

Does anybody have some idea about this ?

I’m struggling with this for a month now and I’m kind of desesperate.:scream:

Thanks for reading !

It is likely that driver for the usb-serial interface on the Xbee is not installed or supported. You have an option to use FTDI or CP2102 uart to usb on otg and connect to Xbee via serial.

How can i found a driver for this ?

And what are FTDI and CP2102 ? I think i’ll RTFM…

So its better to directly wire the Xbee pins on the UART cable for Emlid Reach ? On the electrical spec, the 2 UART of the Reach are different right ?

It will be easier to get directly through UART pins on Reach.

FTDI and CP2102 are chips that are most commonly used for usb-uart conversion.

Ok, so tomorow I’ll try to connect directly to the pins, hope the Xbee can handle this.

I’ll update the resultat.

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ok please keep up updated…

Hey guys,
seems to work fine .

Nevertheless, now the UART is used, how can I receive the output data from the Rover Reach ?

I know theire are 2 uart port, but do they are wired to same pins ?

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Please look into docs of reach.
Second uart is different!

You can use the uart for input and output at the same time.

Use rx for xbee and tx for output data.


Thank i did it.