X8r gimbals reading but not switches

Have an X8R connected to my Navio 2. Everything bound ok using this instruction set How to bind X8R to the FrSky Taranis in different modes | FPV blog
I can see my stick inputs in mission planner but none of my switch inputs are showing up.

Controller is a radio master zorro and I have the X8r bound in “mode 4”
All the tutorials Ive found just breeze over this part, havent seen this failure mode in anything Ive read yet.

Hi Nathan,

I can recommend following the instructions from the Radio Control Calibration guide in ArduPilot documentation. Hope it will work for you.

That was the documentation i started with, but it did not address the particular problem I had.

I did find a solution on how to assign switches to particular channels in the documentation for my specific radio. I appreciate the feedback though.

Thanks for the update, I’m glad that you sorted this out!

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