X Y Z Coordinate Transfer

G’Day All
Hello from Adelaide, South Australia.
Using Reach RS2 Rover + Base

Plotting and recording points is all ok.
Rover set up for XYZ.

When exporting CSV files can anyone receive these files in XYZ coordinates???
For us the exported file is only arriving in Lat Long only which is not what we need.

When downloading and exporting DXF file into Autocad, is anyone able to do this simply and get the data imported as XYZ. We are struggling and can only recieve the data as Lat Long which isnt good for Autocad.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.we need XYZ.

Jason Rayner
Operations Supervisor.
Irrigear Waikerie

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I’m not sure about getting the exports differently, but you can bring everything into QGIS, transform-on-the-fly and export to your desired CRS.


Also be aware that ECEF XYZ is 0,0,0 at the center of the earth. I don’t know if that is what you were expecting. If you’re working in AutoCad, then you likely want something else.

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This sounds like you would benefit from Field Genius survey software with a localization applied to allow you to Survey directly into your CAD reference frame. Then you can push out the points, linework and DXF’s directly in your CAD framework.

You can test this out for free with the demo version but it limits you to 30 points per file. You can download the demo for Windows mobile devices and Windows tablets from their support page.


No doubt my friend, just done.

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Hi, Jason
We use this coordinates calculetor, is very easy to use, and be adapt to emlid RS.
You can visit this link and show the video.

salute from Mexico


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How to you adjust for shift and scale factors?

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