X-Pad & RS2

As a surveyor, I need a robust data collection software that can pair with the RS2’s. The RV software is too lacking at this time and I need something before they get it up to speed.

  1. What options have you used and liked?
  2. How do you PAIR the software?

I want to try X-Pad, but I can’t get it to install on my android phone yet. Thanks!

Hi @avoidthelloyd,

I’m not the person who can suggest 3rd-party software, but I’m worried about your experience with ReachView. Normally, it shouldn’t lack. Can you explain what’s happening exactly? If we know what the issue is, perhaps, we can fix it.

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I mean it needs more features to be adequate for surveying. I have mentioned these in the new features post. It needs a robust COGO menu and point information display mainly. We need to be able to stake to a line defined by two points and to calculate points in the app easily by intersection or by distance along a line, etc. We need to connect to our rover via BT. We need it to DING when the shot is captured. Most important is a display during shot capture showing error ellipse and other info to help us decide if the shot is credible. Other posts have explained this better. RV is okay to get setup and going, but can’t be used for productive surveying work as is. That’s all I meant. And I feel like we are being heard and things are trying to be improved. Thanks!


Hey Lloyd
Field genius from microsurvey has most or all of the features you mention.
It comes in 2 flavours, Windows (mobile) & android. Another user here has been using the Windows version with great success. It has all the bells & whistles.

The android version is still in its development stage. You can stake points and stake to line on a user friendly interface. I don’t think they provide error ellipse display, However, they are improving the features with each release which updates every 2-6 months.
I’ve found that the android version isn’t 100% stable and will crash 2-3 times throughout each work day.
It boots right back up in 30-60 seconds with no lost data but it is nonetheless frustrating at times.
They offer a free demo (30 days?) that perhaps you should check out.


Yes we have been using the windows version almost everyday here for the last 3 years, works awesome

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Are you using a tablet or phone? The tablet seems like it might be bulky? What are you using to attach to rover pole? Basically, what is your setup? Thanks!

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Mesa2 Tablet



I use the Cedar CT8 from Microsurvey
Came as a package with the software purchase.
Also came with a CRAIN heavy-duty pole clamp. Quite nifty. Will post some pics when I get the opportunity.

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In addition, here is a post from a user employing SurvCE:


Thanks! I have the same case and using the OEM foam inserts like that too. I’m trying to avoid spending the money on a full blown data collector. I was hoping to get good software on a tablet I already have.

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I would recommend downloading the FieldGenius demo and see if you like it.

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