Www.rtk2go.com, public, paid, correction data through NTRIP?

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My state isn’t free. Cost approximately 1 arm & 1 leg. Government based, which I pay double the taxes than most make in a year, yet they act like they are special which I do not get when other states don’t charge. It should be available no different than using the library.

States adjacent are public and no cost.

Can I just use those? Or do I lose a see you next tuesday hair of measurement?

Is it any different than connecting and using rtk2go.com half way around the I world? It’s all flowing through the internet anyways, right? I may be missing something here… other than some marbles?

There is a important distinction to make between near and far. For real time corrections (where you just use your one rover and use the NTRIP as a base station) you really shouldn’t be over 10 km. If you wanted to spend more time on each point, you’d probably be okay going quite a bit over but then it starts to lose its practicality. For example, maybe you could go 100 km if you would spend 15 min averaging each point. This can be done in Reachview. The other option for long distances is to log data and post process, but that isn’t practical either if you want to do the traditional style surveying, i.e. walking around and quickly saving numerous points.

If you are within 10 km or thereabouts, then, yes. Most likely you aren’t so you shouldn’t unless you follow the procedue I described above.

The corrections can be transferred around the world by internet but it’s not very useful in our application. The problem is that the base station and the rover need to be “seeing” the same satellites with the same atmospheric conditions at both the base station and the rover. If the base station is far away, it will (#1) be experiencing difference atmospheric conditions between it and the satellites it is “seeing” and (#2) will be seeing different satellites if it’s actually quite far away.
If you want it free, then you need to get a second Reach or Reach RS.If you will be using rtk2go then a Reach module with internet access would be fine for a permanent base station you could make yourself. Best of luck!


I have (2) Reach RS receivers. Base & Rover. I guess I am just assuming I need to use NTRIP corrections free or not for best base location? But if I have (2) than I guess I do not have to? Just use LoRa for point collection or stake out if within range of LoRa or if not, use TCP over internet.

I guess NTRIP is mainly if you only have 1 receiver.

Thank you for the help.

If you want high absolute precision, you would still need either a known point for your base station, or a close-by NTRIP station for your base station.

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Perhaps another valid view is that we created it to spread the Base corrections to more than one rover. Recall that before NTRIP and cellular link solutions, everything was done with matched sets of radios. I still have grim memories of tweaking early AMP cellular modem not to backup the correction flow when the link dropped out the 90s’
As pointed out, the base needs to be local to the rover. For L1 users, that means that about 10km is the limit.
The fact the the Caster is located elsewhere (in fact RTK2go.com Caster is located in LA but has users all over the world) really does not matter. The ~100mS of delay latency comes out in the nav filter.
Simply stated, you need an NTRIP Caster when you want to send corrections to 2 or more rovers, or you want to use the internet and cellular networks. You can run you own (the SNIP Caster is free for such uses) or use a free service (RTK2go.com, YouCors, or others). But if you only need to connect one base to one rover, you can skip it.

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LA as Los Angeles or Louisiana?

Thank you for the info.

Yeah, YouCors isn’t free… I guess it “used to be”?

I understand that the NTRIP could be for more than just 1 receiver… I guess I was meaning NTRIP was the only way to go if you had ONLY 1 receiver, i.e. Emlid Reach RS ROVER…then you would have to have NTRIP access. Otherwise just get another RS receiver and just use LoRa or Cellular hotspot and internet.

LA = Los Angles in this case. Sorry for the confusion. In fact it lives next to other SNIP NTRIP Caster machines in our offices in a city called Glendora. Other SNIP Casters are wherever their owner put them, a quite few run virtual machines in the cloud on AWS, which is what I think YouCors does as well (with their own code). Not all Casters are created equal, but that is a topic for another day.

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I have tried setting up base and rover through rtk2go as per Brents simple guide. I cannot find my base from the rover. There is a drop down list of bases. I tried entering in the mountpoint name I gave my base. It does not connect to my base from rover. Can any one help. Have I got a setting wrong. I have done exactly same as Brents guide.

Hi harold
I tell you what i did and maybe it will help :

  1. I prepared 3 android cellphone (A, B,C), reach rs+ base and rover
  2. I turn on base and make sure it is on hotspot mode (all 3 led solid light), if it is not, then go away to other place where no wifi or turn off my cellphone hotspot cause when reach rs+ is previously conected to one of this wifi as client (blue light blink) then it is hard to find where its connect to
  3. When base is on hotspot mode, connect to it’s wifi with phone B, and open reachview app on phone B
  4. Turn on hotspot on phone A
  5. back on reachview app on phone B go to wifi menu and connect to hotspot on phone A, when connect to phone A then the reachview app will disconnect and the blue led will start to blink indicated that it is connect to phone A hotspot
  6. Exit reachview app on phone B
  7. Find the phone A hotspot’s on the list of wifi on phone B setting, and connect to it, so phone B will be on the same wifi network as reach base
  8. Open reachview again on phone B, and i see reach base appeared, if it not, as i did, i tap the refresh button several times until reach base seen on the app, then tap the reach base
  9. Now i follow brent simple guide for base, then the base is broadcasting correction to cloud, now move to rover
  10. I assume that base and phone A will stay on base location so i go to other location far away as long as under 10km away from base.
  11. Turn on the rover and make sure it go on hotspot mode
  12. Connect phone B to rover, then open reachview app
  13. Turn on hotspot on phone C
  14. back to reachview app on phone B go to wifi menu, connect to phone C hotspot, and the blue led should blink
    15 exit reach view app, go to wifi setting and connect phone B to phone C hotspot’s
    16 open reachview again and refresh several time if the rover didnt appeared, if it showed up, then tap the rover to see the status
  15. Here you can follow brent simple guide for rover
  16. And now i go to status menu and see the grey bar appeared alongside of yellow or green bar

Yes thanks bimbodnau. The is the procedure I ended up using. I have used youcors to send my corrections data. All working good now. Just have to used the extra device for creating hotspot as you described. Thanks.

BTW for some reason I could not get rtk2go to work, so tried youcors and it worked fine. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I haven’t used it for a long time. The front page says it’s still in service but I have no reason to recommend one over the other.

Just a quick update. The www.RTK2go.com (port 2101) site is up >99% of time, but we do take it down around UTC midnight time every week or so to mount new release of the SNIP NTRIP Caster software on it. Use with emlid and other RTKLIB based solutions continues to increase there 20~30k connections a day coming from all over the world. I can also confirm that the RTK2go.com service will continue to be free for all users for all of 2019 as well.

To harold.rmsurveying or to others, if you have any problem connection send an email to support@use-snip.com and I or someone else will help you.
DC_Kelley, SNIP Program Manager, L1 rtk nut


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