WTB Reach RS2 Dome

Looking for a nice used RS2 Dome, I had heard that some people where making them with 3d printers but I do not have one. I would pay someone to make one if that is what is needed. I have a cosmetic crack and I would just like it to be nice looking again. In the USA

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I cannot find it, but there was a Ebayer selling 3D printed top portions, but looked like crap and i wouldnt use anyways.

A few months ago there were a BOAT LOAD of functioning non-functioning Emlids on Ebay for cheap. Snatched up for part resell more than likely.

@ceith may be able to help.

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Yes I saw the ones from Ireland and want the stock look. And the nice ones from @ceith are currently gone. I am really looking to buy a bad unit and rob the dome from it. I find it weird that a factory replacement for domes is not available.