Wrong EMLID image


I have been using the last EMLID OS image (called emlid-raspbian-20160718.img) on my RPi2 & 3 with the same result : the booting sequence is infinitely running on a sequence like the following:

[number of seconds] mmc0: [sm ], hsts 1

Does someone know what’s happening?
Very strange


That is indeed strange. How the image was flashed onto SD card?

maybe you can try another sdcard (maybe not compatible or faulty)
i had a more or less similar message a few weeks ago with a faulty sd-card (after 3 years of running fine 24/7)

Thanks guys for the advices
It indeed was coming from the SD card (even though it was a brand new one…)
Working well after full format but again same issue after expanding the file system in raspi config
No pb after complete change of the card

yeah there are some incompatible sd cards with rpi; when buying a new sdcard stick to: http://elinux.org/RPi_SD_cards