Wrong direction shown on Artificial horizon

Hi team
After a fresh installation (Navio RT linux image & APM ver 3.3) Im realize that the there is a wrong direction on Artificial horizon on HUD. I modified on the advanced parameters list under MP but I didnt get be solved the direction. (If a turn the quad towars right direction, horizon goes left direction the same behaviour in the other direction. Afortunately if I put either the nose up horizont goes up). So I think maybe is is software problem… Well then I try to run the Navio examples explained on the Docs “MPU9250” but unfurtunately I got this message from my PC

Could you give to me orientation to solve this issue.
Thanks JGrek

Check the orientation of your RaspberryPi/Navio. USB connectors should point to the front of the vehicle. Otherwise you will have to adjust AHRS_orientation according to your mounting orientation.

You have to run the examples on the RaspberryPi, not on your PC.

@schuermannsebastian I forgot to mention that USB connectors pointed to the front of the Quad, additional to this AHRS_orientation was modified also but It continue with the same behaviour, thats why I’ll apreciate if you can someone else could help me with the AHRS test located on http://docs.emlid.com/Navio-dev/AHRS/ thats why I am using PC and Navio+RPi together.
Waiting for your answer