Wrong CS Conversion on Reachview 3

Hi everyone, i’m a new buyer of the Reach RS2, arrived today and tested to see everything works.
Worked before in a Civile Engineering society with an old Leica GPS1200.
Now started freelance and needed something affordable and the Emlid it seems a great value GNSS reciever.
Tried to collect some point in with NTRIP correction from GNCASTER that seems to work in ETRF2000, using the CS Monte Mario/Italy Zone 2 (EPSG 3004), but the coordinates are wrong when i put it on a base map oriented in that CS.
If I use that app Ferens + - UMBRIAGEO (regione.umbria.it) to convert the LLH collected in WGS84 system reported in the same .csv, the coordinates are correct.
Is the issue correlated with the CS i set on Reachview 3?

Under i report the .csv for one point
1008,2287342.474,4785418.925,308.818,Prk,12.13720597,43.18494621,308.818,0.022,0.023,0.024,0.032,2.134,FIX,2021-05-21 16:14:23.5 UTC+02:00,2021-05-21 16:14:28.5 UTC+02:00,25,3.2,2283557.596,4787483.331,304.356,4310.108

Hi Simone,

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If you work with Monte Mario/Italy Zone 2 (EPSG:3004), your base or NTRIP should be in ETRS89. Is there a chance that you could check if you get the correct coordinates on the rover when the base is in ETRS89? Please note that your ReachView 3 app should be updated to the latest 6.0 version.

UPD: Updated the base CRS according to the ReachView 3 6.0 requirements


Hi, after a bit of search around the website of the NTRIP service, found that the RTCM Correction are on ETRF2000 Datum, so now i collect point on this datum then transform it when back on office.

I Servizi in Tempo Reale - UMBRIAGEO (regione.umbria.it)

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Hi Simone,

Thanks for the update! I believe the description of your workflow can be of great help to other users.

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