Write program to automate post processing

Is there anyway to automate post processing by writing a program (c, python etc)?

Right now I’m downloading the log data from the reach app in my browser manually and then running the reach post process software to post process. Is there any software api or some similar method that allows me to both query the gps programmatically and download the data then post process it in code? Thanks for any help I get and I know I may be talking out of my butthole with the idea.

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That is a great idea, and I have thought about doing it as well (but in Bash on Linux).

Rovers are called "myReachunitname-rover"
Bases are called “myReachunitname-base

script 1

  • Detect reach when it is plugged into the computer’s USB port
  • set up the network over USB
  • use ssh to dermine the host name and therefore know if it is a base or rover
  • trigger scp to pull the all the data and save it into a pre-determined folder structure

script 2

  • monitor the log folders, and when a new raw log appears:
    • know by the folder or file name if it is a base or a rover file
    • convert it to RINEX
    • look for a match with another set of RINEX logs with a coinciding timeline and the opposite type (base / rover)
    • when found, call script 3

script 3

  • based on some criteria, use a certain config file while calling the post-processing software
  • send an email alert when done

Yes, it is a bit rough, but doable.


Any chance that someone has done this or wrote a tutorial on this before? I’m not the best programmer/hacker so it would be nice to follow along someone who has done this before.

Is there anyway to tell the gps (via ssh etc?) to stop logging to current file and convert the ubx file into RINEX? It only seems to do this when I turn the Raw data switch off and on in the Reach app or restart power to gps. Btw thanks bide that was very helpful.

It seems logical to me that when the log file is complete (logging turned off; or off and on again; or the log file has been split by the software as it continues to log)

So, why do you want to take a partially completed log file and convert it into Rinex?

If that is really what you want to do, then I suppose you could make a feature request and ask for a manual “Log Split” button within ReachView.

Sorry maybe I wasnt clear.

when I toggle the Raw data (RINEX3.03) switch under Logging in the reach app, the app starts a new log and turns the current log into RINEX zip file for me. I’m wondering how can I do this without app so I dont have to convert it myself.

OK, so you want to trigger the splitting of a log file (which should consequently trigger a RINEX conversion)? And you want to to it in an automated or remote way?

It sounds like that would be a feature request for an API which may be released in the future. Alternatively, you may be able figure out how to use the program Curl (which mimics a web browser) to toggle logging off and on.

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