Would Navio2 work w/ the new RPi3 Model A+?

Just looking at the smaller foot print that matches the Navio2 exactly, and the lower power draw of the new RPi3 A+, I was wondering if anyone knows if the Navio2 will work with it?

It’s also possible the difference in power draw and weight of the board doesn’t matter so much when considering what the motors draw in amperage, and wouldn’t be worth giving up half the RAM. Although every little bit helps on some level. :wink:

Thanks for any thoughts on this. I already have the RPi3 B+ board and am seriously considering a Navio2 for my next UAV build. Either that or the newer Pixhawk 4 with the F7. I would eventually like to learn enough ROS programming to build in some obstacle avoidance behaviors into the autonomous flight, and just trying to decide whether it would be better in the long run to go w/ a Pixhawk plus a companion computer, or Navio2 plus RPi3 right off the bat.

Work in progress:


I use both Navio2 and Emlid Edge and I’m quite happy with my choice. ROS is another side I still have to explore.


Thanks for the fast reply, Marc! Looks like they’re trying already, so that’s good news, I’ll watch the thread there. Thanks for the vote of confidence on the Navio2 setup.

I agree with the ROS - I’ve done a little with building small bots and tinkering, but never dug into ROS yet. I’m thinking that if I go with the Navio2, it might force me into learning more, which is what this next UAV project will be all about. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Just coming back to let you know we have a Navio2 on the way now, so thanks for the encouragement in this direction and excited to see what we can do with it soon!

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