Working with two reach M+ devices with LoRa Radio

Hi Emlid,
At the moment I am working in Germany (Palatinate) with:

  1. One reach M+ device incl. Talysman Antenna (on Rover)
  2. Samsung Galaxy S5 (on Rover)
  3. Free RTK-Correction-Data from local SAPOS (Germany)
    Everything is working perfectly. I walk in straight lines
    with 1m-distances from point to point. (archaeological prospection)

I am planning to work abroad (Spain, Portugal, Tunisia) next year
and will not have any RTK-Correction-Data there.

My plan is to buy:

  1. a second reach M+ incl. Talysman Antenna incl. LoRa Radio Antenna (as Base)
  2. an aditional LoRa Radio Antenna for my actual M+ device (on Rover)
    I will set up the base on a tripod in Averaged Single standalone mode without
    additional corrections.
    I will not have high absolute accuracy, but the relative measurements between base and
    rover will be highly presice, which is all I need.

Will this work or do I need RS+ / RS2 for this?

The rs2 will not do you any good with the M+ because it just L1. Wait to get the M2 then you can use it as a rover or on a drone if you come up with the right rig. Otherwise depending on your needs you can just get the RS+.

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Hi Michael,
Thank you for the quick answer…

  1. I understood that I can not use the RS2 because it is multiband…OK!
  2. I also understood that I should get the M2 for rover.
  3. But the question remains why I can not use two M+ devices: one for base and one for rover.

You CAN use it, just will just have no benefit from the multifrequency of the RS2.

You can.

Yes you can use the RS2, but you lose the benefit of the dual. You can also run two M+, but you will not get the same range or performance in adverse scenarios. I have one of my M+ setup for drone and rover use and it was not as stable as an RS+ Rover and two M+ was is even worse. There are things that can be done to make them better, but I didn’t want to buy and more equipment.

Hi Michael, hi Christian,
Thanks for this information.
So I will go for the solution using two M+ devices…
Another question is the connection between base and rover:
Do I really need LoRa or can I connect with wifi or bluetooth?
The maximum distance between rover and base will be maximum 200 meter.

For 200 meters, LoRa is the way to go. Bluetooth without an external antenna doesn’t go beyond 4-5 meters, and wifi not beyond 20 meters

Thanks again Christian,
So now we have the solution!
I wil go for LoRa!
Best wishes

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