Working with DJI Phantom 4 Pro

Thank you @chascoadmin , now i know that P4pro with lithci has a real contender from autel evo 2 pro.
We use P4pro with Litchi to map remote area and so satisfied with it’s capability to fly 3D and STILL TAKING PICTURE even disconnect from RC


Just curious why you don’t use one of the flight apps that are designed for mapping? We run Litchi as well but only for media like aerials and complex video routes. I used it for maps in some scenarios before DroneDeploy had Terrain Awareness but have moved over since then.

I moved to litchi and Teokit agnss coz :

  1. Only Litchi app can still take picture and flying autonomously follow 3D route/waypoint when lost connection with RC,
  2. Support multiflight scenario (by selecting waypoint to start)
  3. Has all enable obstacle on P4Pro
  4. Work Seamiessly with Fly

I 've try some app for P4pro Mapping for about 10 years but end it up with Litchi.

I still think if you are mapping there are much better options. If you’re just doing waypoint lines, that’s a different matter and is what you would use Litchi for. The Phantom 4 Pro has only been out for 6 years.

Did you see Fly

Yes. We have a Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 that I put the Teokit in. Not just the mountable one but you actually have to open up and modify the drone to fit the M2 inside. Not worth it. They use to have a product called AShot that was the best but they decided to go a different direction.

Yes, they don’t use M2 anymore, they made teokit AGNSS L2. and that is what i use right now. It is tricky to install but when it set, it is great. P4pro+Teokit AGNSS, RS2, Emlid Studio…almost every day, but when the baseline is more than 10Km i use Teobox

They basically copied the M2 except for the board shape so that you don’t have to route out material from the shell. You still have to open the drone and reconfigure wiring. This also causes all of that expensive hardware to be on the drone whether you need it or not. By using a modular system that is easy to take off you also decrease you chances of losing a drone and that special PPK equipment. If they came out with RTK then maybe but for PPK there’s no need for extravagance.

I see, any suggestion on ppk modular system for P4pro that has proven accuracy?.
My requirement is just simple :

  1. Flying Autonomously 3D to maintain GSD along the route, and still continue when lost connection
  2. Taking Picture with time interval that is fit on speed and front overlapp, and still Taking picture when lost connection
  3. Less or even without GCP

We’ve had good luck with the Mettatec. It misses an event every once in a while but it’s not hurting the accuracies.

I’m sure something new is probably on the horizon but we’ll have to stay tuned.

Hi guys,

It’s always a pleasure to read about your surveying experience. Thank you for this discussion!

Just wanted to say that I’ve separated your comments into a new topic so that we don’t get confused with the initial one.


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