Workflow - RINEX and OPUS

We are in the process of designing a LiDAR system that would use an RS2 to feed corrections to an M2 on board the drone. The M2 feeds into the INS and thus the pointcloud data. I’m trying to create as many redundancies as possible. As such I’d like the ability to be able to use a RINEX file from the RS2 to be able to geolocate the points in the pointcloud data I’d there were an issue during the flight and the M2 did not do its job. Is that possible with just the normal logging function and selecting a RINEX 2.1 file? If we needed to take that file into OPUS and we had originally opted for GPS, GLONASS, and GALILEO, could we trim down the data to be usable through OPUS to get the known point? I’ve read elsewhere that some people were not getting accurate OPUS data back this way after running it through RTKLIB.

Hi Seth,

You can log the raw data using the RINEX 2.1X format.

To leave only GPS satellite data, you can process the files in the RTKConv tool from Emlid RTKLib QT. It’s available for Windows and Linux. You need to upload your .obs file to RTKConv and set the GPS satellite system only in the ‘Options’ tab. For more details, please refer to our guide.

There should be no issues in processing the data with the OPUS after conversion in RTKConv. To be sure of the results you’re getting, it’s important to follow recommendations in our OPUS workflow guide. The correct base placement, logging duration, and observational data quality play a key role in the overall results.

So I’m running a file through to convert to just GPS. When I look in the selected folder for the converted obs file, it is empty.

Hi Seth,

Would it be possible to share your file with us? It’ll allow us to check what could go amiss.

Here ya go. raw_202008042021.obs (3.5 MB)

Hi Seth,

I’ve converted your file and didn’t come upon any issues. Could you please check if you create a new name for the file in the third input line before converting it? I’ve attached the screenshots with the options that you need to set as well.

Also, I’d like to point out that the file you provided is only 20 minutes long. So it won’t be enough for OPUS to process it in a Static mode. You need at least 2.5 hours of log records.

My issue was the RINEX selection. I missed that. Thank you.

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