Workflow confirmation with M300 and RS3

I have a couple of questions about our workflow and wondered if you might be able to confirm if we are on the right track.

We are working out of range of cellular service flying forest research trials and want to get the most accurate photogrammetry we can to align subsequent flights.


  1. We first started the Emlid in point average and let it average a point for 20 minutes.
  2. While it was averaging we placed GCP’s but were unable to get a fix with the rover, so will get coordinates from the P1 ortho to use in subsequent flights.
  3. We entered the averaged point as the base and set it up for local NTRIP.
  4. We linked the DJI M300 and RS3, flew RTK missions with P1, L1, and Micasense sensors.

Great weather and flights went well! The RS3 base station logged for around 5 hours.

I first will go through this with the P1 data

Processing – we use Agisoft for the photogrammetry.

  1. These are long term research trials and I’d like to have the most accurate base point possible to reuse, so I have PPP’d the base log and have a point for the base using the NRCan site.

  2. I now use the EMLID studio workflow RTK drone data processing | Emlid Studio

  3. Load the .obs file from the P1

  4. Enter the base coords from the NRCan output

  5. Load the navigation file from the base. This is the .24P file?

  6. Load the .mrk from the P1 folder

  7. Process at default settings

  8. Run the geotagging to update the exif

I would then build my P1 flight through to orthomosaic in Agisoft, export the tif into a GIS and make a shapefile from the GCP’s to use in the Micasense photogrammetry build.

We are only interested in the LiDAR from the L1, therefore we can just change the base station point in the Terra settings to the NRCan PPP point. We have a good workflow from here to get the crown delineation.

For any subsequent flights we will just enter the NRCan PPP base station point into the RS3 base and we should align nicely to the original flight using the GCP’s.

I have a couple questions, the one from above is the .24P file the correct navigation file.

Would processing in emlid studio do anything for us on subsequent flights?

Is there a way to PPK the Micasense, or are we better just aligning the GCP’s.

Any input is appreciated

Thanks very much for your time

Hi @Jake_King,

I saw that you also contacted us by email. I have replied to you by email. Could you please check it when you get a chance? I suggest continuing there to keep the conversation in one place. Thank you very much!

If there is a resolution to this in the email, can you post it here so other users can see the result?

Hi @frankohusted,

I am still in contact with @Jake_King via email. I’ll share the summary of our conversation as soon as it is resolved. Thank you!