Wlan switch from ad hoc mode to client mode

Dear team,

I have booth reach modules configured to use the wifi network at home. works fine.
often I sit at home and start both reach modules and configure them for the next job. So they are in the local wifi. that is good so i can update them and so on.
I use the wifi to report the solution to my windows tablet running QGIS. QGIS is taking the result and loging it directly into the GIS software. So I need the wifi working in the field. But for the real work it should not use the wifi network at home because the job is 500m away. there is no such wifi.

How to easily deactive the client mode of the wifi and active the server mode or ad hoc mode where the reach module is generating is one wifi network? I know i can do this by power down the modules and go where no wifi is present and power them up again but there must be a more elegant solution for it…
how to easily switch normal wifi mode on again?

thank you and best regards

Hello Franz,

At the moment there is no elegant way to do this. We are working on this feature.

dear @igor.vereninov
thank you for the feedback
best regards