Windows version of ReachView 3 app

Please make a Windows based ReachView3. Or if possible a web browser based ReachView3 like ReachView2 was.


that would be awesome


Has anyone tried using a Windows Android emulator?


Hi @timd1971,

In the meantime, we don’t have plans to implement a Windows version of the ReachView 3 app. However, to control Reach devices from Windows, you can open Reach Panel via any web browser.

yeah, but it opens the reachview 2… we want to open reachview 3!


I know right? Pretty obvious.


but no was possible for me. I hope someone can

I did try using Andy , Took all day to install-download , but its a lot slower then a android phone

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Yeah, I considered using an emulator, but knowing going into it just wouldn’t be the same. Not really sure the reasoning for ditching the widely used Windows standard platform for an app? (Yes, I know the Android is an overall lighter solution which is great and matches up better to Emlid’s model).

They just released overhauled Emlid PPK software for Windows???

Go figure.

Would be nice to just continue the ReachView2 Web Browser route so it wouldn’t matter which OS platform.

There is obviously a reason why not?

Native apps are probably a little bit faster than running in a browser, and you aren’t limited by all the different implementations of these browsers. Just making a website run correctly with everything is a headache.

It’s pretty practical: Windows tablets are the minority, while Win desktop PCs are the norm for office post-processing, so Android/iOS for the mobile app and Windows for the office app is logical.


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