Windows does not assign COM port


I have Raspberry pi 3 + Navio2 connected to my computer via USB. According to my understanding, Windows should now automatically assign my autopilot a COM port number, that should appear in the drop-down menu in Mission Planner. My Windows does not assign any COM port numbers, no ports are visible in Device Manager.
I connected my autopilot over a netowrk using UDP port. Everything seemed to be working, but when I tried installing Firmware, the following error appeared: The given name does not start with COM/com or does not resolve to a valid serial port. Screenshot:

Why does my Windows not assign a COM port and how can I do it manually?

i’m not aware of a way of using the usb port for navio;
you need to fill in the credentials for wifi, or use an ethernet cable and point arducopter to stream telemetry to your pc - as stated in the docs!
either over wifi/ethernet or your radio!
that way you can specify your vehicle (copter/rover/plane…)!

@MKR microUSB connector on Raspberry Pi 3 is only for powering it up, there is no USB device on it as the only USB interface on RPi is connected to the USB HUB.

you could hook up a bluetooth adapter to the uart or usb and use this as serial connection.
or connect the USB from the raspberry with two serial-to-usb cables to the USB of your computer :slight_smile:
well bt might be easier or use udp :slight_smile:
the firmware you do not install with MissionPlanner, you need to copy it on the sd card

Thank you for your responses.
For some reason I thought firmware was something extra that needed to be downloaded in order to use Mission Planner. I already have arducopter and everything configured, so thanks for clearing that up!

np, you just have to start with the frame type and continue from there :wink: