Windows 10 doesn't create a COM port for Reach Module

We’re you also able to connect the Reach modules via USB-to-PC connection via COM ports that typically get created if successful? Windows 10 is not creating the necessary COM ports. I still cannot.

I don’t know what you mean with “USB-to-PC connection via COM ports”. I just plugged the Reach Module with a micro-USB cable to the USB port on the Windows machine.

Just another way to send output. Via USB cable direct to PC. But a COM port in Device Manager needs to be created, and it never does. I know I had it working a few years back when the Edison chip / drivers were more relevant, but no luck lately.

Position output | Emlid Docs

Hi @timd1971,

We’ve checked that Reach Modules can be reflashed fine with the Flash Tool on Windows 10.

We are investigating the issue with Windows 10 not assigning COM ports for Edison-based devices at the moment. I reached out to you regarding this in your thread.

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