Will this transmitter work with navio 2?

Hello everyone, I’m in a tight spot. I need to buy a transmitter quickly to continue my project with the navio 2. Unfortunately where i live it’s not easy to order transmitters/ receivers online and I’m only restricted to buying from a few local vendors. One of them has this transmitter.

I’m aware that the navio 2 requires ppm signals to work, I don’t think i can buy the recommended receiver listed in the hardware setup page. However on searching for the manual for this transmitter here.

It mentions that the transmitter can transmit in both PCM and PPM. So would configuring it to send in PPM make it work with the Navio 2 ?

If it won’t be compatible would buying this ppm encoder fix the problem ?

You should buy a 2.4 GHz transmitter, not an outdated analog one. I would go for something like this:

But if you can get one I would definitely go for a FrSky Taranis x9d plus. Much better and cheaper I think.


You will not regret that!

In all cases will i need to get a ppm encoder to hook up at the receiver end ?

no, I use SBUS with a TARANIS X9D and Navio2 very successfully without any problems and any additional hardware (but you need to buy a separate receiver).

Have a look at this to get an impression why the Taranis is great:

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