Will Reachview Web still be available in future? Having problems switching to RV3

I am trying to move over to Reachview 3 but finding it difficult to make the switch. There are multiple things that seem to be missing in Reachview 3. The web app has the timer to show how long you have been capturing the point. Reachview 3 has no timer and it is not seem clear that it is even capturing the point.

How do you delete a point once captured?

Using version 2 I would often leave my rover to capture for 15 minutes on a point and if using my phone I just keep the phone with me. When using the Browser version, when you come back to the RS/RS2 unit, you reestablish wifi connection, and simply accept the point capture and move on.

It does not seem I can do this in Reachview 3.

When is the survey data written to the device since it does not save it to the RS unit?

Will there be an option to save the survey to the RS unit (like version 2) if desired?

Thanks for any help! I am now updating to 27 Beta 2 and see if any of these have been fixed.



Hi Tim,

The point is collected instantly when the Averaging time turns off.

If you need to start the timer, you can enable Averaging time for the point and press the Measure button. You can see the steps on the gif below:

In addition, you can check Creating a Survey Project and Collecting Points with ReachView 3 video guides on our Youtube Channel.

To do this, click on the existing point, and you’ll see the Delete point button as shown on the screenshot:

Indeed, points are collected on your mobile device. Therefore, if your mobile device loses communication with the receiver while the point is being collected, it will not be recorded. However, if the receiver got the Fix, you don’t need to collect the point for 10 minutes. We usually recommend 40 seconds.

ReachView 3 is designed to allow you to collect points on one device working with different Reach receivers. That’s why ReachView 3 stores the projects in the mobile device’s memory, while Reach Panel saves them on the receiver.