Will Reach be able to use the Gallileo satellites and what radios will be needed in dense forests

I am working with a registered land surveyor using Trimble RTK. His experience is that when you have a lock on 5 or 6 Gallileo birds they can penetrate the most dense pine forests in Louisiana. The other problem will be communication between the static base and rover in the same dense forest. According to him, the 912 Mz 500 Millawatt radios will have very limited range. Looking for a solution here as well.

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From what I have heard from the Emlid guys, the Galileo support in the U-Blox chip has not been implemented but a firmware update has been promised by U-Blox. Who knows when this will show up.

That is very cool about Galileo being able to penetrate the Louisiana pint forests though. This will be awesome once implemented.

You could consider an Xbee mesh, placing the modules in strategic places throughout… Although I don’t know much about the modules and their capabilities.

The Galileo support has been made available on the chip, but there are some rumors that M8T can be bricked if flashed with the new firmware. We are taking our time to perform tests, we will also need to develop a way to deliver updated firmware in an automatic manner.

This is based on my surveyor’s experience. He has built enhanced radios in order to communicate back to the base from the rover in the forest canopy. He also said that the Gallileo birds need to be fairly high in the sky to get good signed under dense canopy. I will ask him to join this forum so he can add his experience first hand.

Danny, my surveyor might be available to help you perform some of the tests you are planning. This would be over my experience level since I lean heavy into GIS but use Danny as my standard to help my GIS accuracy in mapping. We have worked together since 2009 on projects that need precision mapping and this relationship has led to breakthroughs in my field.

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