Will my Reach overheat in this box?

I’m putting together a couple of boxes to hold my Reach units. Simple tupperware sandwich boxes with a plate of 125mm x 125mm aluminium riveted to the lid, with the reach and the battery held in place with some foam blocks. Just wondering here if I need to worry much about the Reach overheating? How hot do they run and how much ventilation do they need?

Here’s the current layout, but easily changed of course:

I have not had any problems with them getting hot… I think you should be fine.

Modules get a little bit hot, but usually don’t overheat. I’d recommend not to wrap them fully.

Is there any upper limit of heat this module can handle or safety limteto be aware of?
Max temp value?

You should not heat it over 85C.

Allright. Will it generate more heat under certain tasks then others, and what will trigger the highest heat output?

I do not have exact numbers, but obviously as processor load increases it will generate more heat. Higher update rates with more systems will generate more load. We did not have any issues with units overheating by themselves, but if they are in a sealed box under direct sunlight it might happen.

Ok, so best if i do a stress test first to see if heat is an issue.

I believe that you can check the core temperature by running this command over SSH:

cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone3/temp

The value must be divided by 1000.


Excellent, i`ll keep that in mind.