Will it be possible with Reach RS+ to....?

Im searching for GNSS hardware that would not cost arm and leg and would allow to do this: Real-life sub 2cm precision while (autonomous) driving (and here comes a catch) - with speed not faster than 200 metres per hour. I presume it would not be possible even with Rover + Base KIT, but lets say TWO Reach RS+ as Rovers on machine + ONE Base (+software updates from Emlid to make it work)??? Is it within the realm of possibility (+IMU working included)?

0.2km/h? Are you moving rockets from the hangar to the launch pad? :rocket:

Did you suggest 2 rovers and one base so that you can derive heading from the relative position of the 2 rovers?

Technically that should be all you need, but if you can install a marine compass with NMEA output, that might help as a backup. A magnetometer might be all you need, but if the vehicle is large, then it might be good to have a larger, more modular and proven device like a ship’s compass. But it really depends so much on the vehicle and your resources, both monetary and timewise (for R&D).

Can you explain the application a bit more?

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0.2 km/h? Well that’s just a typical monument in and around the San Andreas here in California.


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