WiFi setup for radio correction

hello, I was trying to setup the correction radio link using wifi (base act as server and rover as client). However, both reach units are having the same ip address, and I wonder how to change that so that the rover can talk to the base? thanks in advance for the help,

Hi there

If you’ve set up the reach module to connect to a wireless router or access point and said router/AP is set to auto assign IP’s you should be sweet. Just use Fing/ipscan or similar application on another device connected to the same wireless network to find the 2 IP’s of the Reach modules. Open web UI’s for both modules and set port etc on Base Module and set client to point to Base IP with port you just set and the magic should happen.

More details here - https://docs.emlid.com/reach/reachview-link/

Hope this helps

Hi Mal,

Many thanks for the help–yes that’s the best way to do it with Wi-Fi correction link. However, I am thinking about the integration on pixhawk, the instruction suggests set the base unit as Wi-Fi host and the laptop connect to it as client, I wonder how should I do the settings for that?

You don’t need anything, really. If Reach boots with no familiar networks around, it will create its own.

thanks for the tip. But I am sorry I didn’t make it clear–I mean in that case (with apm), what if the base and rover still have the same ip address by default? Is there a way to change that without a router?