Wifi problem iPhone 7

I have problems to have internet connection on iPhone 7, when using wifi with the Reach RS + it disables the internet. I do not know if you have to configure the ReachView thanks

Do you connect to the Reach hotspot, or the phones hotspot?

hello Christian I do not understand, I connect via wifi the rech and then I open the app.

Many devices disable their WiFi when that device’s hotspot is turned on. Also, many devices do not have the logic to negotiate two different internet sources so they might break the mobile connection when wifi is on. Example - you can use a laptop with both the wired and wifi connections and it negotiates with a priority, but many of the mobile devices I have used either think they don’t have internet or an app itself thinks there isn’t one. Our 5th and 6th-gen iPads do this, but only with certain apps

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@agrimgalina Do you know how to create a Wi-Fi hotspot with your iPhone 7? Can you enable the Wi-Fi hotspot so other devices can connect to your iPhone and so they can also obtain an Internet connection through it?

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I think what he might be saying is that after he connects to the Reach hotspot his phone thinks there is no internet connection.

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Right, but if @agrimgalina wants his iPhone to be simuntaneously connected to the Internet and Reach RS+, then he shouldn’t be connecting to the Reach RS+ hotspot unless he is completing the ‘first time setup’ procedure, which is:

  1. Connect to Reach RS+ hotspot.
  2. In ReachView Wi-FI settings, set up the iPhone hotspot’s ESSID/password/security-type.
  3. Turn off Reach RS+.
  4. Enable iPhone’s Wi-Fi hotspot.
  5. Turn on Reach RS+.
  6. Reach RS+ should automatically connect to iPhone’s hotspot.

Now the setup is complete. Then every time after that, just do this:

A. Turn on iPhone hotspot.
B. Turn on Reach RS+.
C. Reach RS+ should automatically connect to iPhone’s hotspot.


Hi @agrimgalina,

Did @bide comment help you to resolve the issue?

I do not understand much Tatiana, it is a complicated part for me.
The rover is connected to the Hostpost because it turns the blue light on and off and the base has three fixed lights. If I have connected to the rover I lose the data connection when I am measuring.


Do you need the Internet on both base and rover?

If the blue LED is blinking on the rover, it means this Reach is connected to the network.
If the blue LED is solid, Reach is in hotspot mode.

So, do you need to connect Base to your phone hotspot as well? As I understand, Rover is already connected to it.