Wifi pc

I cannot communicate the RS2 to the PC through the Wi-Fi network of the rech, in the cell phones if I can make the connection.
With my RS + I connect without problems to the PC, will there be any Wi-Fi configuration to be modified?

What firmware are you on?

with v 2.20.7 and 2.21.1 it does not connect

Have you had any changes to your local wifi?
Is it the rs2 trying to connect to the pc or vice versa?
Or is it a normal wlan/AP?

I go to Wi-Fi networks on the PC and connect the reach, I go to the browser and it never connects. I can’t detect the rech in fing

Sometimes there can be radio saturation issues. If one Wi-Fi device is too close, then it can drown out the signal coming from the others.

If you move RS2 1 or 2 meters away from PC, and phones, does that help?


I have it far, it is rare since in rs + it works well. Will there be any different network settings?

I’m not sure. I don’t think the settings are different between RS+ and RS2.

Thank you

Hi Luis,

May I ask you to share the screenshots of the issue occurring?

Would you mind elaborating on what exactly happens when you try to connect to the reach:XX:XX?

There you go. Just add some text

I didn’t understand how to do it
Thank you

you don’t want to share the video, this is after 28 hours of charging the led v2.21.1 continues to flash

But that’s a different issue, not related to wifi ?

Hi Luis,

Sorry for the delayed response!

May I ask you to elaborate on the issue? Is it not possible to turn the unit on after the charge? Would you mind describing the LED status in more detail?

Also, did you manage to connect Reach RS2 to the PC?