Wifi interference with RC control signal

I am building a hexacopter using the Navio+ with APM software as flight controller. I am using a wifi connection to configure the board when it’s on the ground, or close to my laptop.
For controls I am using an FrSky RC system. Both The FrSky system and wifi operate at the same frequency of 2.4 gHz. Should I be worried about interference? Will this setup dramatically reduce the range of my FrSky system?

I would like to keep the on board wifi running during flight, as I will be using a second raspberry pi for data logging on the side. It will pick up the MavLink stream from the Navio+, together with some other sensors that are hooked up to the secondary Raspi. Or should I consider a wired serial link between the two boards and eliminate the wifi connection altogether?

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A range check is mandatory for every new vehicle. If the wifi is interfering with your RC signal, this is the way to find out.
You have two RPis on the hexa?
I would use a wired ethernet connection. You can buy short cables premade. This would keep the UART free for other uses.

@schuermannsebastian Thank you.

Edit: I suppose that would have to be cross link cable right? Or would a regular UTP cable do the trick?

Thanks again.

According to the RPis specs the ethernet port features auto-crossover, so a normal UTP cable should work.