Wifi Hotspot problem RS2

Hi - I’ve not used my RS2’s for about 8 months so I’m rusty.

I have a base and a rover that I want to connect to in the field so I set them up as hotspots. I can connect to their respective wifi networks. Then I can see the connected RS2 in the initial reachview list but when I try to access the unit the screen just hangs and eventually asks to reload the app. In the network list of my android device the RS2 hotspot shows with the message “connected, no internet” which I assume is the problem? No amoun of rebooting will change this. I can happily connect both RS2’s to my office network, all firmware and the app is/are up to date.

What am I doing wrong? Is there a ‘doh!’ moment coming up? It was easy last time!


Could you please clarify whether you tried to connect to the devices via a browser? You can connect to their hotspots and just type in the address bar.

Hi Svetlana - no I was trying to connect via Reachview on my Android phone.

Would you like me to try to connect via a browser?


Yes, please try to open the ReachView via a browser as I described above, and let me know about the results.

Hi Svetlana, sorry for my late reply.

No I cannot properly connect to my RS2 via it’s WiFi hotspot. I get an error message saying that there is no internet "reach.1F.54 no internet, secured’. So I assume wireless is working but without IP.

The steps I used were:-

  1. Turn office WiFi off.
  2. Turn RS2 on - scans for networks (blue flash) then settles into hotspot mode (continuous white LED)
  3. Open browser window
  4. Select reach:1F:54 from list of networks and click to connect
  5. When asked for password type “emlidreach”
  6. after a short delay the WiFi connection is described as “no internet, secured”
  7. nothing appears in the browser window using except the error message “Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at”

This problem is identical on both the RS2 units that I have following firmware upgrade

looking forward to your reply - thank you

Hello - EMLID??!!


Please check your PM. I’ve written to you there.

EMLID have been great at solving the problem for me - all fixed now!


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