Wifi/hotspot not turning on

On startup, the network indicator light on my RS2 doesn’t blink or light up at all. I’ve tried re-starting several times and waiting patiently, but the device doesn’t seem to search for or send out a signal. If I wait for long enough, the RTK button eventually starts to blink slowly.

I can’t find instructions anywhere about how to turn the wifi capabilities on if they don’t turn on on startup. There is no way to really get any further or do anything to the device if it doesn’t put out a signal to connect to, so I could use some help.

Thanks in advance!

Are you sure it didn’t connect to a nearby WiFi source? If you see a WiFi you use available on your data collector. If it’s your home network you can connect to it through a web browser.

It’s in a place where it has never been before, so it should not have any way of connecting to a known wifi network here. The wifi light also hasn’t turned on at all. If it were connected to a Wifi network, the network symbol should be illuminated and blue.

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Hi Fern,

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You’re correct, on a startup, the receiver should light up the Wi-Fi LED. The first start-up usually shows the steady white LED as the receiver transmits the hotspot.

Please contact us at support@emlid.com with the serial number of the device and the video of the behavior. We’ll need to conduct further investigation that might require your sensitive data.

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Okay, thank you, I’ll send that video and information to that email later today.

Thanks for telling me how to approach this problem!

Hi Fern,

Thanks, we got your email! My colleague Kirill has taken your case.

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