WiFi Hotspot in the Field

Hey all,

I have been experimenting with my Navio2 over the past few weeks and the lack of having a portable router in the field is causing a real pain for myself.

I know that some people have been able to use their phones as hotspots but what other options are there? I would like this connection link just to make quick changes in the software between flights.

I have tried my android phone and whilst I can connect to the phone and SSH into the PI, I can’t seem to make a connection on mission planner. As an aside, any ideas why this is?


There are a few options you could try:

  1. A second RPi configured as a hotspot.

  2. A special Router that runs of 5V/USB power.
    A 5V router:

or USB powered:

  1. Configure your onboard RPi as a hotspot

How do you start Arducopter? Your RPi/Navio and your Laptop usually get another IP address than in your home network. Most Android phones use 192.168.42.x. You have to modify your telemetry options or use two, one for your home and one for your phone network. You could also use tcp instead of udp and have Arducopter listen on any adapter for incoming mavlink connections: -A tcp: for example.
You can use any port, the zeros are important.

P.S. Sorry the numbering did not work.


My man Seb!! Thanks for such a quick and thorough response.

I rushed to my PC at 8 am this morning and managed to get it working with my phone thanks to your response.

I usually fix the IP of the GCS when I am on my home network. However when testing via my phone as a hotspot I was using my home network IP address that I usually fix to and it did not like this. Furthermore, I hadn’t told arduplane to broadcast a third telemetry option (bit of stupidity for me there!) so no wonder it wasn’t working.

I like the idea of a using a second pi 3 as a hotspot though to take my phone out of the equation all together.

Cheers for the help!



After much trial and error, I could not get the raspberry pi 3 to work as a hotspot. If anyone comes across a good definitive guide on how to do this, I would be keen to know.

In the end, I went for one of these - https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/Electronics-Photo/AR300M-external-antenna-300Mbps-OpenWrt-repeater-openvpn/B01K6MHRJI/ref=sr_1_15?ie=UTF8&qid=1494757151&sr=8-15&keywords=usb+wifi+repeater. This allows me to broadcast an internet signal when back in my house and allows for a fast stable connection for updating parameters on the field.