Wifi Hotspot for the field

Personal Eureka moment today. Not being able to connect to mission planner in the field without having a modem has been a huge drag.

1.Tried to Set up the Pi to create an ad-hoc/ access point but nothing seemed to work or unbelievably complicated.

2.Brainwave, why am I trying to setup an access point on the pi why not on the damn pc!

3.Useless wifi hopspot apps are buggy anoying and won’t let my pi connect. (supposedly Windows has blocked this ability).

  1. Eureka!!! Mobile Hotspot is actually baked into windows 10. Hit start and type mobile hotspot!
    Finally just need my laptop to connect in the field.

I feel really stupid, Am I the only one?

you need an active internet connection on your laptop;
on the adapter you use for your online connection you need to tick something like “share this connection for internet connection on the network” in the sharing tab of your adapter; then dhcp should be active on your windows hotspot!
and yeah … the active inet connection required does not come in very handy…

Haha Sorry, I’m not looking for advice. It’s working fine out of the box. Just sharing.
I feel stupid for not having done this earlier.
I’m not worried about an internet connection, but that works also

oh, ok
can you start the hotspot without an active internet connection? with what settings?

Oh no!
Only tried it at home connected to my home network this far!
I’ve managed to get it working if I open up a mobile hotspot on my phone, connect the pc mobile hotspot to the mobile hotspot with (phone has 4g). And things run but what an annoying feature, there must be done way to turn that off!
Anyway for now I’ve still got field access without any additional equipment which is great.

Has anybody noticed that their hotspot on phone has better latency then a LTE router modem?
Should think it would be the oposite