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Hi all
sorry to create another tread but I have an “old” reach and every time I try to use after some period of non-use I have always issue with the wifi connection (i mean I’m not able to connect the device)
The reach and app are updated
can you provide some tips ?



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Do you mean that you can’t connect to the Reach hotspot or connect Reach to a Wi-Fi network?

I can’t connect reach to a wifi network
The only possibility is to create the hotspot using my phone and in this case i can se the device.
At home I’m not able to connect to the network I changed the router but the name of the network isn’t chnaged. I’m not expert in networking so what I have to do ?
Also i’m not able to reach the reach using …
any suggestion ?

Can also please describe for non network expert the meaning of hot spot options in wifi menu?
It’s preferable to use this settings ?

screenshot of reach (connect using mobile )

I’d recommend deleting all your networks on Reach firstly.

After that, please, follow our guide about connecting to the Internet.
Let me know on which step you have an issue.

I switch off the wifi at home connected the reach at IP removed all existing wifi connections and then I recreated the connections but the connection with the mobile phone works when I try to connect to my home wifi connection no result.

So I suppose that the new router (at home) has some settings but I don’t have any idea .



hola, soy DARIO de Argentina, compre 1 solo REACH RS+, hasta la fecha no logro configurarlo, ya que el mismo al principio solo parpadeaba una sola luz (la del medio) y ahora estan las 3 luces prendidas…y no me deja ni siquiera ver tomar puntos como al principio. espero que me puedan dar una respuesta urgente para así ver si el mismo me va a servir o no. desde ya gracias…

Hola Dario.

Si los tres leds de tu antena se mantienen encendidos y no parpadean, la antena está en modo hotspot.
Con tu celular busca una nueva red wifi y ahí te va aparecer el punto wifi que crea tu antena.

Conéctate a ella, la contraseña es “emlidreach”.
Ya una vez hecho esto abre la app reach view (para Android e IOS) debe de aparecer tu antena.

Da click en ella y sigue las instrucciones.

hola Alfaro.
muchas gracias por responder.

me conecte al punto wifi que crea mi antena, coloque la contraseña, pero cuando abro la App. Reach View no me aparece la antena, sino que aparece el IP de wifi de mi casa, y no el de la antena.
desde ya muchas gracias.

@erro.alfaro88 & @victordario.ing
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I’m here again
I swith off all wifi network then I connect the reach I deleted all wifi connection using the reach app
then I create anew wifi connection to my home wifi
I connect the laptop/phone to my home wifi (same as reach) and now ?
I have to unplug the device ? because I’m not able to “reach” my reach



Can you suggest a free tool to scan wifi device for win 7 ?

If you open ReachView on your phone, you should see the device. Of course, Reach and phone should be in the same Wi-Fi network.

Here’s a guide on how to find your Reach IP.

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