Wifi connection in field to base station

Im currently running a Navio2 board on a raspberry pi, and using ardupilot on my laptop.
I was able to get the drone running in my house (holding the drone down from actually flying of course) and it looks like its working.
My last step (i think) is to figure out how to setup the raspberry pi as a AP. This is because I dont have a router outside. So i guess i will need to by some usb antennas for my drone/laptop to give good range since rpi built in wifi sucks right?

Is there any suggestions on the antennas i need? Like does it need power or any usb antenna should work?

How do you connect to a base station on the field? Ive seen apps on my cellphone that look similar to ardupilot but i dont understand how those might work since the RF range might not be so good on a cellphone?

Forgive my ignorance I am trying to learn and this is my first time doing all this.

Hi @davidv,

This article from RPi docs might be of interest to you.

You can try Wi-Fi modules that we use with Edge, for example.

Usually, there are 2 Wi-FI modules: one connected to the drone and another one plugged in the laptop with Ground Control Station software.

Can I ask why don’t you want to use telemetry radios for communication between RPi and GCS?

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