Wifi Auto-reconnection?

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I’m currently running ReachView 2.9.1 and I’m having a little bit of trouble with the unit connecting to wi-fi. We’ve mounted the unit on the roof, and the wi-fi signal there isn’t incredibly strong, but its strong enough to connect. The reach does successfully connect to the wi-fi, and I am able to communicate with it over the local network, but every once in a while it drops the wi-fi connection and doesn’t try to reconnect in anyway. It doesn’t seem to start it’s own hotspot either. Is there anyway to make the reach constantly try to connect to the wi-fi network anyway, or some sort of timer to continually check every minute if it can see the SSID and then connect?


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I’ve had this same problem. As of right now the wifi hotspot wont start if it loses its conneciton to the currnet one. I’ve been told it “should” try and reconnect. I’ve yet to have it happen. I might suggest putting a small USB powered hotspot like one of the small TP Link units. they can bring the gab between the two networks.

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