Wifi and RC

Can anyone share experience using both WiFi and regular RC control in the field. I’ve read posts all over about possible interference. Was wondering if anyone has gone down this path and has some good experience to share ?

I have FrSKY radio gear and was planning on using a WiFi network too.


We run on FrSKSY mostly, and have not noticed issues with Wi-Fi when flying. FrSKY is actually the most robust from my experience.

I’ve seen a few issues related to turning on GoPro WiFi. If I’m correct, GoPro runs an access point on the camera. Do you think running an access point could affect local 2.4 RC signals ? IS that more powerful than a regular USB wifi dongle that is plugged into the RPi ?

I do not think that there is any difference in the mode of Wi-Fi. Probably antenna placement is the most critical factor here. Try to place them as far away as possible.

Have a look at this:

Also, a very cool solution for FPV over wifi (I’m working on exactly this for my latest project)

Yes, very cool! However I’m not sure I want to cut/jump traces on my radio gear :wink: