Wi-Fi needed?

Is a Wi-Fi connection (hotspot) required if the the Reach RS rover unit is connected to the ReachView app via Bluetooth and if the rover unit and base unit are connected via LoRa?

If I switch off Wi-Fi from the rover unit, then I can’t access the app.
I’d refrain from Wi-Fi if possible.



It’s not entirely clear for me, what is the question. You can’t access ReachView via Bluetooth. However, once you configure everything, you don’t need to stay connected. You can turn off Wi-Fi and continue working.


My point is that if I switch off Wi-Fi once I’ve configured everything, then I can’t use the app, and so can’t use the rover.

Hence my question ref the Wi-Fi.

Thanks for the info ref Bluetooth

The app runs on the receiver, not your phone and works over wi-fi, so it’s natural that it doesn’t work once you turn wifi off. Turning off wifi is needed rarely, mostly if you are interested in saving power on, say, a UAV.

I was hoping not to use Wi-Fi, because I keep losing connection between my phone (using the app) and the rover, since it’s affected by other Wi-Fi around the surveyed area. Any advice? Thanks

Some ideas:

  • If you issue is your phone connecting to different network other than Reach hotspot, just delete all the extra ones
  • Maybe you can connect both Reach and your phone to one of the networks you are surrounded with?
  • If the problem is interference, you can use the app with a USB connection, but that will require a laptop/tablet with a desktop OS - Win/Mac/Linux. Android might be able to do this, but I can’t tell you for sure.
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