Wi-fi issue on Reach

Hello. When I turn on reach with a laptop on the street or in the office, you create a strange reach hotspot “reach:16:f1”.
My phone and laptop can connect to it, but the web page doesn’t go, there’s nothing in the app.
Emlid new, first fly, what can it be?!

Hi Konstantin,

Just to confirm, are talking about Reach M+?

What’s the status of LEDs once the hotspot is launched?

Yes, reach m+.
First - red lights are on and the blue - blinking quickly.
Then red and blue burn without blinking and 3 seconds slowly blinking green, then shuts down
After that, red and blue are constantly shining.

Please go to :5000 port via web-browser and post a screenshot

Hi Guys

do you know if the Huawei P8 lite can’t work with reach emlid ?


Hi Francesco,

Do you encounter any difficulties while working with this Android device?

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