Wi-Fi failing on Emlid image

Recently i have installed the RPI image from the emlid site on RPI 3 B. Most of the stuff works but the serious problem is WIFI. If i install RPI OS from the shelf ( NOOBS , xubuntu) wifi works fine out of the box .
On the emlid installation i am using the wicd-gtk GUI interface to connect which finds the relevant network , authenticates correctly but fails(drops) to connect .
I have exhausted all posible angles - BCM43143 driver, power management , manual set up via /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf
Any ideas ?

I had problems with this, too.
In the end I used wpa-supplicant, but the default file provided by emlid misses the " before and after the pre-shared key. Without them it did not work.

Tnx Sebastian - i bit lost - what do u mean “before” and “after” pre-shared key
This is the syntax i am aware of :


Exactly how you wrote it in your example.
The quotation marks have to be there.
The wpa-supplicant file on my RPi had quotation marks for the ssid, but not for the psk. I thought, that was the way it had to be and simply replaced the emlid ssid and psk with mine. That did not work.
Ifyou like, I upload my working version of the wpa-supplicant file later.

Guys, quotation marks are needed if you enter your password and they are not needed in case of entering the hashcode of one.

I guess, that’s confusing. Sorry for that! :unamused: We’ll fix it in the next image.



psk=hash <- without quotation marks

I’m very much used to adding new networks with a wpa_passphrase utility. I suggest taking a look at it.

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Tnx for the responses however i am using the syntax as per my email i.e properly quoted both ssid and the WAP 2 passphrase and the result is the same , authenticates and than drops the connection.
I really ran out of ideas. I did try completely fresh installation i.e dd again the image - and only addition is the conf file as per the above syntax
and alas no joy…

btw - tried xubuntu - no problem connects straight out and works fine so the h/w is fine.

Guys finally i am done . No idea what was wrong - after numerous reboots - did ifdown wlan0 , ifup wlan0 and guess - all came to life . Rebooted and bang - wifi is up and running ! I have noticed on ifdown the interface released old ip so i guess this has something to do with it.
Many tnx - back to the real thing my sub drone .

Glad you got it sorted out!